Interested in being a vendor at The Bus Fair?

Here's some information to help you decide if the event is a good fit for you.

2019 Data

Total attendees: 1,229
Event Length: 1 Day
Hours: Saturday 11am-9pm
Cost of day ticket: $15 online and $20 at gate
Age Range: Infant to 60+ yrs old
Families, singles, couples
Attendees traveled from 27 different states and 3 Canadian provinces.

2023 Data

Event Length: 2 Days or 3 Day option for food vendors (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Cost of day ticket: $16 online and $20 at gate
Registered attendees as of 3/8/2023: 263
Estimated attendees Friday - June 23: 200+
Estimated attendees Sat/Sun - June 24/25: 1,200+


Vendor Fees for event (not per day)

Vendor Type 10x10 10x20
Art or Product $120 $240
Food Sat/Sun $180 $180
Food Fri/Sat/Sun $200 $200
Non-Profit or Community Based $100 $200

 All fees above are for the event and not per day. They also include up to three main entry tickets (valued at $60) and free or discounted camping (valued at $160-$200). Yes, we're trying to stoke out our vendors as much as we are our attendees!


Application Process

We typically aim for opening up vendor registration in February and each vendor is waitlisted until we have reviewed applications. We have a committee that reviews the applications in order as they come in. The committee reviews the artwork, food or product submitted to ensure it meets our guidelines and to also ensure we are offering artwork, food and product that is a good fit for our attendees as to give the best return on investment for vendors. 


Art Vendor Guidelines

For art we focus on goods that are handmade and of a certain level of artistic ability. We don't accept goods that can be found at typical store. We're looking for truly unique goods that grab the attention of our attendees.


Product Vendor Guidelines

For product vendors we look for products that relate to the nomadic, outdoor, adventure or DIY community. Some examples would be a membership to campgrounds across the US, compact cooking stoves/grills, hiking shoes and DIY composting toilet kits. We also welcome cannabis products or consumables that are of a higher quality such as higher grade freeze dried meals for backpacking such as Heather's Choice.


Food Vendor Guidelines

For food vendors we're looking for variety and high quality foods. Food vendors that cater to dietary restrictions or offer those choices move to the top of the list. Food vendors also have the option to add on Friday at a small fee to serving food to sell to the 200+ educational seminar attendees.

There is access to water and power. If power is needed the food vendor will need to specify the equipment being used for power or the total amperage of all equipment if you're able to get that nerdy. This will help us plan for placing each food vendor on a circuit that has enough amperage to avoid tripping breakers. If more amperage is needed than what the venue can provide we can discuss additional cost for bringing in sufficient power.

Water is available on site and food vendors will have access to a water spigot to top off fresh water tanks when needed. We will also have a 300 gallon grey water tank for food vendors to share.

If food vendors need to leave at the end of each day and set up each day, be sure to specify that on the application and we can discuss options for this.

Charcoal and/or propane grills are approved for use as long as vendor is mindful of hot coals and caring for the lawn in their booth area.


Can Vendors Split a Booth?

We are open to vendors splitting booths. To do so, one person would need to be the main contact on the application but both vendors would need to list links to their work/food/product or upload images of their work/food/product so that our committee can review both of the applicant's work.

Keep in mind that this would also mean that both applicants would need to be approved in order to be accepted. If one applicant isn't approved, the other applicant by default would also not be approved.


When vendors are notified of application approval

We try to review applications weekly as they are submitted and make an attempt to approve within two weeks of the registration date. Once accepted, vendors will receive emails leading up to the event with information about load in times, camping, attendee numbers, etc.


Vendor Load In/Out and Parking

Vendors will have access Saturday and Sunday to load into the venue beginning at 8am and must have their vehicles out by 10am. Gates for the public open at 11am. You may also setup your tent or booth on Thursday, June 22, 2023 between 11am - 2pm during our setup day but you'll need to contact us prior to do so.

Vendors are also welcome to leave their booths set up overnight and camp in them for free as long as the booth doesn't look like a campsite during the day. We will have law enforcement officers patrolling at night to deter theft but The Bus Fair makes no guarantees or is responsible of lost or stolen items if vendors choose to leave their booth setup overnight.

The earliest vendors can start tearing down is 9PM on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.

For loading out, vendors will need to move their items from their booth to the vehicle access point just outside the venue and send one person for their vehicle on the shuttle. When the person returns with the vehicle the vendor will be able to load up their items. We will have a few wagon carts for vendors to utilize.

Due to the small venue, there is no onsite parking for vendors or the public. A free shuttle operates all day on Sat/Sun and is about 20 minutes round trip. To have closer access to a vehicle, purchasing a camping spot in the venue is an option although once a vehicle is parked in camping, the vehicle needs to stay parked until Monday morning unless an emergency arises. Camping spots at the venue are the VIP camping for Fri/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun.


Camping (Free and Discounted)

Vendors are welcome to camp for free in their booth overnight. This is a great way to experience the magic of the after hours with other vendors, Skoolie Exhibitors and nomadic campers while also not needing to tear a booth down completely. Most booths are on fairly level ground but not all spots are created equal. We will have law enforcement officers patrolling at night to deter theft but The Bus Fair makes no guarantees or is responsible of lost or stolen items if vendors choose to leave their booth setup overnight.

Vendors also receive a 10% discount on camping for VIP Camping Fri/Sat/Sun, VIP Camping for Sat/Sun and Camp 2 Camping. To learn more about camping, visit the camping page here.


Overnight Security

We'll provide overnight security in the evenings from Thurs-Sun but we are not responsible for stolen items. It is up to each vendor to ensure their items are stored securely overnight. Camping in your booth is a great option to keep an eye on items overnight.


Cell Service and WiFi 

The only cell phone carriers that work in the area seem to be AT&T and Verizon. We are working to have WiFi available for vendors and attendees but is not guaranteed.


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