Looking to convert a school bus or in the middle of a project already?

**Note that tickets for seminars are separate from maine entry tickets and are limited to create a unique and cozy experience for attendees**

Join us for a full day of seminars to cover seven topics that will be extremely beneficial for you. We've hired only the best to lead these seminars including solar engineers, mechanics, professional bus conversion builders, metal fabricators, carpenters and road warriors who haven't ever paid a dime to park or camp.

The seminars will be at Greenwaters Park surrounded by old growth trees. Weather is typically nice and sunny this time of year but it is Oregon so bring a rain jacket just in case. 

Parking and free shuttle is located at the address below:

76240 Industrial Pk Wy, Oakridge, OR 97463

Shuttle will run from 8am-9am, 1pm-2pm and 6pm-7pm.

The schedule for the seven different seminars offered are:

Friday, June 23, 2023

9am - How To Choose The Right Bus - Sponsored by the book Skoolie! by Will Sutherland

Lead by: Chuck Cassady

In this seminar we’ll cover which motors and transmissions to avoid and which motors to be on the lookout for. If you’re not familiar with the numerous buses out there it can be daunting when you start looking. Having a solid motor is just as important as the size and physical condition of your bus. Did you know that during certain years a few bus manufacturers cut costs by using thinner steel for their shells and cheaper paint which allowed rusting to go rampid? Know before you buy.

10am - Planning and Building The Interior - Sponsored by Yetibus LLC

Lead by: Kyle Volkman

That overwhelming feeling of “what did I get myself into” will hit you at some point in your build. Kyle Volkman of Yeti Bus Builds will lead this seminar and help break down the best planning steps for rust treatment/prevention, floor plan layouts, insulation, framing and plumbing. Having a solid and clear plan will help get your Skoolie done that much quicker.

11am - Metal Work / Fabrication / Roof Raises - Sponsored by Dark Wolf Artisans

Lead by: Wess Lewis

Start growing your hair out because this seminar will have heavy metal music blasting with a head banging contest as an ice breaker. Ok, not really but it will cover the basics of working with metal, fabricating and how to do a roof raise the safest way. It will be taught by Wess Lewis who is one of the most well known and knowledgable people when it comes to roof raises. He has likely raised more roofs than you can even fathom. Both on and off the dance floor.

12pm - Solar System Design and Component Selection - Sponsored By AM Solar

This seminar will be taught by Garret Towne of AM Solar and will discuss how to properly plan and figure out how many panels you'll need and the appropriate components such as charge controllers, inverters and batteries to go with them.

~1pm-2pm Lunch Break~

2pm - Solar System Installation Pro Tips - Sponsored By AM Solar

This is seminar will be taught by Garret Towne of AM Solar and will cover how to mount your panels properly, how to correctly wire a shunt (if you don't know what that is you need this seminar!), how to not burn up your alternator and much more.

3pm - Basic Mechanics

Lead by: Chuck Cassady

Your Skoolie is all done and ready to hit the open road but are you familiar with the basic TLC needed to keep your bus running like a well oiled machine? In this seminar we’ll cover the basics of motors, transmissions, tires and fluids to help keep you on the road and out of the mechanic shops. We’ll also cover what spare parts and tools to carry with you to get yourself out of a pickle.

4pm - Insurance, parking and boondocking. 

Lead by: Alyssa Bean of REGRETLYSS

This seminar will cover the basics of what to prepare for in getting ready to insure your Skoolie as an RV as well as alternatives to insuring it as an RV. You’ll learn tips and tricks for where to stay on the road, apps to download for finding places and how to boondock and not ever pay a dime for parking overnight.


Tickets are $150/person before 4/20 and $200/person after 4/20

Here's what's include:

- Access to all 7 seminars
- Private touring of up to 30 Skoolies on display (closed to public Friday)
- One on one time with our instructors, professional builders and Skoolie owners at the end of day social
- Entry ticket to main event on Saturday and Sunday
- 10% discount on camping prices
- NEW Free camping on Thursday night if a camping ticket is purchased. Come check-in early!
- 10% discount applied if more than one Seminar ticket is purchased.

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