Frequently Asked Questions


Day Ticket Attendees:

  • Can I bring my dog?
    Service dogs are welcome and must follow the City's leash law ordinance. Other furry friends that are not service animals aren't allowed due to the Food and Health Dept. codes with food vendors at the event.

  • Where do we park?
    Parking is located at the Oakridge Industrial Park less than half a mile away and we will have a shuttle running every 20 minutes to and from the venue. The address for parking is: 48498 OR-58 Oakridge, OR 97463

  • Do you have ADA parking?
    Yes. Proceed to Greenwaters Park and ignore the parking signs on the highway. At the T intersection turn left and the police department will allow you through if you have a valid ADA permit.

  • Are kids free?
    Yep! Kids 12 and under are FREE.


  • Where do we check-in for camping?

  • Where is Camp 2?

  • What if we show up late for check-in?
    We highly advise not to show up late but we realize things happen. If that does, you will need to park at the Rest Stop and check in Saturday morning at Greenwaters Park.

  • Are fires allowed?
    Camp spots are created in the park for this event so no fires are allowed due to no fire rings. There are picnic tables throughout the park but we recommend bringing all your camping supplies as if you were primitive camping. Fold up table, cooking stove, etc.

  • Can I hang a hammock?
    Sure thing but only if you are using tree sling straps such as the ones found here. The trees in the park are old growth cedar and douglas fir that we want to preserve for many years to come.

  • Are there restrooms?
    You bet! There are bathrooms with running water as well as porta-potties.

  • Do I need to bring leveling blocks for my RV, Skoolie, Van or car?
    We'd recommend it. While the parking is fairly level in the park, we recommend bringing some leveling blocks in the event you need to dial in the perfect setup.

  • I'm in a tent. Will my campsite be safe during the event?
    We'll have volunteers dedicated to keeping an eye on the camping areas to prevent wandering people from taking a tour of your tent and toiletry bag... Only those with a camping pass are allowed in the camping area.

  • Can I bring my dog?
    You bet. There are lots of great hiking trails that start from the park. However, you'll need to follow park rules and the leash law while in the park and City limits. No free roaming dogs otherwise your pooch go for a ride with the grounds keeper to the local dog shelter. Dogs ARE NOT allowed in the event area on Saturday unless it's a service animal due to the Food and Health Dept. codes with food vendors at the event.

  • When do we need to check out by?
    You're free to sleep in Sunday and have a lazy day. You will need to be out of the park by dusk Sunday. They lock the gates so don't get locked in after dusk!