Get your vendor fee waived by spreading the word about The Bus Fair.

As a vendor at the event you want to cover your costs and make a profit and we totally get it. We've been in your same shoes. We have created an ambassador program for vendors and it's pretty slick.

Here's how it works. Fill out the application form and upon acceptance your card is ran for the vendor fee. We then give you a unique coupon code to give out to friends, family, followers, your favorite elementary teacher, the cashier at the gas station, etc. When they use your coupon code they get a discount of $2 off their entry ticket and you get credited back $5 for each order using your coupon code. That's neato right?


A few things to note:

  • The total credit(s) amount back to your card won't exceed the price of the vendor booth you bought and your coupon code can only be used 12 times. For example if you purchase a vendor booth for $60 then your coupon code can only be used 12 times (12 tickets X $5 credit per order = $60)

    However, we want this event to be a GREAT SUCCESS so if you need more coupon codes for friends and family, lets chat. We can work something out.

  • Credit(s) will be placed back on your card 3-5 days after the day of the event.

So fill out the vendor application and sell your product at The Bus Fair for free! We'd bet you've got a handful of friends and family that want to go anyway so help them with a discounted ticket and we'll see you all there.