Food trucks filling the smell waves with deliciousness.

Duuuuude... Broooooo... The food line-up at The Bus Fair is insane for 2022! Check out the food vendors below. We are not responsible for damage to your phone or keyboard from salivating.

The Coffee Bus - Barista's in a bus! Get your caffeine injection served with a smile.

Cowgirl Cookin' - Tex Mex recipes right from Marissa's grandmother's kitchen. Authentic AF.

Jules Joint - Be sure to wear flip flops because this thai cuisine will blow your socks off. You've been warned.

Baked and Loaded Potatoes - Short bus turned into Spud Bus! The state of Idaho would be proud to see these spuds all dressed up in buffalo chicken and blue cheese.

Pizza Troll - We can neither confirm nor deny that the Ninja Turtles have voted this wood fired pizza as the best around.


The Coffee Bus



Cowgirl Cookin'


Jules Joint


Baked and Loaded Potatoes


Pizza Troll

We're all set for food vendors for 2022 but there's always a small chance someone could drop out.

Check back for a link to the waitlist once we get closer to the event.