Come tour up to 30 school bus conversions and meet their owners at The Bus Fair.

Friday, June 21 - Private skoolie tours and educational seminars. Special ticket required. 9am-6pm

Saturday, June 22 - Skoolie tours open to general public from 11am - 6pm. Event continues with live music, food and drink until 9pm.

Sunday, June 23 - No general public access. Sunday Funday open to seminar attendees and campers only.

The main activity of The Bus Fair is the plethora of skoolies on display for the public to some tour. Meet the builders / owners who are weekend warriors, part time or living full time in their school bus conversion and ask questions.

"Is that a wood stove?"

"Does your composting toilet smell like doo doo?"

"How long did it take you to convert it?"

"How did you figure out how much solar you'd need?"

Some of our skoolie owners are also artists and will be selling their artistic creations. One of our many goals of The Bus Fair was to help those travelling artists have a venue space to share their skoolie and their art. The artists range from jewelry makers, hat sewers, painters, soap makers, photographers and sketch artists.

 Heidi Miller showing her school bus conversion.

Heidi Miller in her 95 short school bus conversion who sold her hand sewn trucker hats at The Bus Fair 2019.

Wood turned bowls from a 2023 Skoolie Exhibitor.

Skoolie Exhibitor Owner


Skoolie Bathroom


Skoolie Bunk Beds






Are you a skoolie owner who's interested in showing your bus? Learn more about being an exhibitor and register here.