Looking to convert a school bus, van or nomadic home on wheels? Or in the middle of a project already?

**Note that tickets for seminars are separate from general admission entry tickets and are limited to create a unique and cozy experience for attendees**

While our seminars are based towards a bus conversion, the majority of the topics can also be applied to any type of vehicle conversion that will be a home on wheels.

Join us for a full day of seminars to cover several topics that will be extremely beneficial for you. Chuck Cassady will be creating the seminar topics and bringing in other industry experts to to lead these seminars including solar engineers, mechanics, professional bus conversion builders, metal fabricators, carpenters and road warriors who haven't ever paid a dime to park or camp.

The seminars will be at Greenwaters Park surrounded by old growth trees. Weather is typically nice and sunny this time of year but it is Oregon so bring a rain jacket just in case. 

The schedule for 2024 is still being finalized and we'll update this page as we go. For now, below are the seminar topics we'll be offering. 5 of these seminars can also be applied to any type of conversion you're interested in such as a van conversion, box truck conversion, camper remodel or restoration, etc. Come join us even if you're not converting a Skoolie and want to gain knowledge that will be highly beneficial.

**Seminar schedule order subject to changes**

9am - Finding and Buying the Perfect Bus

Lead by: Tony Munarin from AAA Bus

Lead by one of the most knowledgable bus sellers in the game, this seminar presents an overview of the various kinds of buses on the road, analyzing the pros and cons of each style and their drivetrains to help you decide which will work best for you along with the best places to shop for the bus of your dreams.

10am - Bus Driving 101

Lead by: Zoey and AJ

As professional commercial drivers, Zoey and AJ will give you a brief lesson on how to responsibly drive that pretty new bus home and anywhere else your heart can take you! With guidelines on pre-trip inspections, navigating changing conditions safely, and maintaining proper etiquette on the black top, we'll highlight some of the unique challenges that operating a large vehicle can present.

11am - Bus Maintenance 101

Lead by: Chuck Cassady

Learn the basics of bus maintenance along with a primer on mechanical know how to feel empowered as you shop for and then maintain your rig. We will also cover the essential tools you need to care for your bus and should probably buy before you drive it home.

12pm - Layout and Design

Lead By: Kyle Volkman of Yeti Bus Builds

A bus conversion is the chance to be the designer, architect, and builder of your dream home. This seminar is an intro to important considerations and tips for making the best version of that home on wheels you can.  We will talk about common layout pros and cons, how to dial in a great floor plan, and how to make a custom space work for you.

~1pm-2pm Lunch Break~

Check out the list of food vendors available during lunch.

2pm - Solar Systems

Lead By: TBA

Solar power has become an integral part of making life on the road comfortable, quiet, and a little less smoky. Learn the essentials of solar power, what is possible with current technology, and how to approach finding the right energy solution for you.


3pm - Rivet Slaying 101

Lead By: Wess Lewis and Luke Davis

It's hard to build a house in a steel box without learning a little metal work and this seminar is designed to take the edge off that learning curve.  A duo of seasoned skoolie fabrication experts will share some of their favorite tools, tips, and techniques along with a brief overview of the roof raise process. 

4pm - The Pro’s Corner

Lead by: Chuck Cassady and others

Building a skoolie is one big problem solving adventure and sometimes, just knowing the right tool, piece of hardware, or build method is all it takes to keep your project fun and feeling good.  In this class, Chuck will share his favorite bits of kit and lessons learned from his life of bus building.

5pm - Your Best Life on the Road

Lead by Alyssa Bean of REGRETLYSS

Life on the road presents its own unique set of challenges—from staying safe as a womxn or solo traveler, to finding a sense of community and worrying about filling your tanks. It is a skill to learn. With years of solo cross country travel in her rearview, Alyssa will be sharing her expertise from the details to the big pictures of life on the road well-lived.


Tickets are $200/person

Here's what's include:

- Access to all 8 seminars
- Private touring of up to 30 Skoolies on display (closed to public Friday)
- One on one time with our instructors, professional builders and Skoolie owners at the end of day social
- Entry ticket to main event on Saturday and Sunday
- 10% discount on camping prices
- Free camping on Thursday night if a camping pass is purchased. Come check-in early!
- 10% discount applied if more than one Seminar ticket is purchased.

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Parking and free shuttle is located at the address below:

76240 Industrial Pk Wy, Oakridge, OR 97463

Shuttle will run from 8am-9am and 6pm-7pm.

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